Shell Basics


The shell is how you interact with your ChaCha3 server. It connects to your local running server for you to interact with it. To connect:

  1. Open another terminal window
  2. Navigate to the same directory where you have installed ChaCha3 Core.
  3. Run npm run shell command to run the shell
cd <dir>
npm run shell

Basic command

Type in nodeInfo to view basic information about your ChaCha3 node. Hit enter.

$ nodeInfo

It shows you basic information about such as:

  1. The version of your node
  2. The port you are running on
  3. The length of the chain you are synched with
Version: 0.0.1
Time: 1639401542689
Port: 5438
Chain Length: 111
Chain Work: 9824.284842796806
Nonce: 1174194452
Network Id: chacha3-mainnet

This command takes in no parameters

Another command you can run is chainInfo.

$ chainInfo

It shows you information about the copy of the chain that you currently have and if is currently synching. The details include:

  1. The length and work
  2. Current difficulty
  3. Sync status
Length: 76
Current difficulty: 1
Total Work: 76
Synching: No
Chain Id: chacha3-mainchain

It would take some time for it to sync if you have just started the node for the first time.


The shell comes with some basic helpers commands. Helper commands start with /. The shell helper commands do no interact with the node and only with the shell terminal. These are the list of helper commands.

  • /clear - Clears the shell screen
  • /clean - Cleans the shell history that can be toggled using the up and down arrows
  • /exit - Exits the shell
  • /quit - Alias for /exit